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Why Top Logistics

Safety First

Centralized at our Houston HQs, our Safety Department is dedicated to constant and vigorous oversight of DOT regulations’ compliance. Our commitment to safety has earned us a satisfactory rating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Our fleet is ELD, GPS and Dashcam equipped, which allows us to oversee shipment location anytime and anywhere. Our container terminals are secured with surveillance systems and overnight staff ensuring cargo safety.

We are partnered with CFDS, Carrier’s Edge, and other management tools in order to meet all safety standards. We ensure that all safety-related matters are handled efficiently and rapidly by providing periodic training to drivers and national staff.

Our Services


We provide intermodal container services in and out of the port and rails to customers’ doors. Our regional services cover the state of Texas, and surrounding states.

What sets us apart?
✓Safety compliant

✓Customer-service centric
✓Partnered with superior safety management tools

✓Personalized service


We provide steady coverage with our strong freight network catering also to Chicago, IL with affordable and reliable service.

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